Saturday, October 31, 2009

Spotlight On: Bella Foster

I just got home from Boston (so fun! thanks for the shopping tips!!!!!!) - and was going through my email, when I came across something from Kate Spade. I am always popping into the KS in Princeton to see what they have in the shop. I love the vintage books on display, as well as their papery and shoes!!! My eye glasses (which I SORELY missed having for my drive in the Bandit/Tahoe around Boston!!!) are always from KS, as is my filofax which I lovingly refer to as my "life book." 

For the 2010 agenda, KS is going to be using illustrations by Brooklyn artist Bella Foster. Her watercolors are spirited and beautiful with a touch of whimsy. I think giving a piece of artwork to someone is such a personal gift - and I can't wait for a special occasion to do so. 

Check out to have a look at some other artist's and their portfolios. 

Oh and Happy Halloween!!!! I wish we got Trick-Or-Treaters at my house..... 

Friday, October 30, 2009

Exploring Boston

Believe it or not, I have never really been shopping in Boston. Though I have visited the city to look at BC with my mother, and to go to the aquarium when I was younger, I have never given myself the chance the experience the true vibe of the city - until today! 

Boston always reminds me of my favorite children's book, Make Way for Ducklings... So on my list of things to do today is to find the sculpture of my first favorite ducks (second favorite would be the pet ducks I used to have). 

Any shopping suggestions would be much appreciated! 

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Inspired By: The Wizard of Oz

Life inspires art, which inspires life..... and my closet! When I was in London, I saw one of my favorite musicals - WICKED. One of the items on my lust list is bright sparkly ruby slippers... and who makes them better than Louboutin? I could make a very good modern-day Dorothy for Halloween. 

Oh and if the soundtrack to WICKED is not on your i-pod - it should be. The girls at CKB  know its on mine!!!! 

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Oct. 31 Inspiration

Can't say that this idea is mine... I stole it from a blog I love called "the glamourai." If I do end up going on on Halloween I may have to channel this post-plastic surgery diva look (with stilettos, giant jewels, sunglasses and a fur coat of course!) 

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Lifeguard on Duty

After watching ep. 16 of The City, I am now asking myself why I didn't go to more beaches with lifeguards this summer on Nantucket... 

Lifeguard on Duty, shot by Matt Albiani

Saturday, October 24, 2009

THE Marchesa Luisa Casati

I first heard of the Marchesa when Georgina Chapman was discussing the inspiration for her line in an article featured in Harper's Bazaar a while ago. A new book on Marchesa Luisa Casati has recently been published entitled: The Marchesa Casati: Portraits of a Muse. It is on my must-read list. 

In speaking of her muse, Georgina remarked, "Perhaps if she was alive today, she would be a designer." 

The dramatic Italian heiress was  a patron of the arts in early 20th century Europe. She ran with a crowd that included Jean Cocteau, Cecil Beaton, and Jack Kerouac. She was also well known for her legendary parties that she threw in her Venetian palazzo on the Grand Canal... and landing 25 million in debt. 

A biographical site on the Marchesa adds a lot of interesting details to the portrait of this character. "The Marchesa Luisa Casati was Europe's most notorious celebrity, and its most eccentric. For the first three decades of the 20th century she astounded the continent. She traveled to Venice, Rome, Capri and Paris - collecting palaces and a menagerie of exotic animals." 

"Nude servants gilded in gold leaf attended her. Bizarre wax mannequins sat as guests at her dining table."  She wore live snakes as jewelry, and was infamous for her evening strolls, naked beneath her furs, parading cheetahs on diamond studded leashes." 

I love characters, and this one is particularly interesting, although I am especially envious of her cheetahs... 

(Photos of Georgina Chapman from Harper's Bazaar, shot by Peter Lindburgh).

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Blog Stalking: The Sugar Buzz

The Sugar Buzz was the first blog that I found myself looking at on a regular basiBolds. Heidi Brueggeman (writer of said blog) designs beautiful jewelry that is not out of reach for an impulse purchase. You can find some of her creations at the CKB store in Newport! 

While carousing her blog the other day I came across a site that she mentioned called 1st Dibs. The byline of the site is "the most beautiful things on earth." Lets just say the highlight is lots of fabulous jewelry that I know Heidi (and now me) dream about. 

I read once that Christian Dior's muse Mitzi Gaynor required all of her suitors to bring her jewelry in lieu of flowers. I like that idea... boyfriends take note! Oh and my new favorite designer on 1st Dibs is Tony Duquette.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Mission: Fall Photos

Maybe its because I took a lot of photography classes in high school and college, but fall always inspires me to get outside and take pictures. The crisp air, the changing foliage, and the beautiful afternoon shadows beckon amateurs and professionals alike to get outside and capture the scenery. If only my work could turn out like this! 

(Anouch Lepere shot by Lionel Guyou -- from Fashion Gone Rogue)

Monday, October 19, 2009

Lustworthy: Ralph Lauren Gift Vault

"One-of-a-kind Ralph Lauren".... those were the only words I needed to read in the latest November issue of Harper's Bazaar to quickly leap onto my laptop and check it out. Divided into three categories, "Americana," "Estate," and "Hollywood Glamour,"on RL's Gift Vault I have found quite a few things to put on my lust-list. I wonder what else they have stored away in their vault... I will have to ask my friends that work at RL corporate headquarters in NYC!!! 

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Underwater and On Camera

I have a meeting today to discuss my winter diving plans. One thing I do know, is that on my next underwater adventure, I am going to invest in an underwater camera. My friend from the Seychelles (Hamid Rad) is an unbelievable photographer, and his underwater pics are especially amazing. Here are a few, but you can see more on his flickr account. 

Fashion Stash

If I saved all of the magazines I bought, they would take over my bedroom. Until I have a fabulous office (and that will be.....????) I have to make choices as to which fashion mags to save and how to do so. Here is some design inspiration from Moodboard

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Sunday in the (Gosford) Park

I guess I wasn't the only one making the connection between this season's fall styles and the film Gosford Park (as I previously mentioned). Italic

W Magazine recently did an editorial spread called Sunday in the Park. They described the shoot's stylistic theme as the following: 

"Think between the wars and between the sheets. Traditional British tweeds, simple little dresses and racy underwear appear in English country house tableaux that might have figured in Gosford Park or Atonement." 


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