Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Guest Post: Ethical Sunglasses Roundup, Cameron Bruns

Stylish Ethical Sunglasses

Since Tom’s launched their “one-for-one” eyewear line, ethical shades have been all the rage. Now it’s easier than ever for do-gooders to look as chic as Jackie O. Whether you’re ready to splurge, or just need to grab a backup pair of sunglasses, there is an eco-savvy and socially responsible option to fit your needs. Here are my favorite 5:


TOM’S Sandela in Tortoise, White, and Light Blue. $119. One-For-One. [For every pair purchased, Tom’s donates a pair of prescription glasses, eye surgery, or medical treatment to someone in need]


The Hollywood by Humps… Clear with mirrored lenses. $29.69. One-For-One [For every pair purchased, a pair of prescription glasses is donated to someone in need]


112 by Eco Optics in gold. $160. Made with 95% recycled materials.


Canby by Schwood. Handcrafted in the U.S. by sustainably harvested wood. $135. Schwood also makes a line of sunglasses from old skateboards!


Love Thy Neighbor by Westward\\Leaning. Black with inlayed chaquira beads. $275. For every pair purchased, a donation is made to Love Thy Neighbor Mexico, a nonprofit whose mission is to educate Americans about violence in Mexico caused by the U.S.’s demand for illicit drugs.

Cameron Bruns is the founder of Boston Green Blog and a contributor to Merida Meridian, the premier source for distinctively designed natural rugs with a conscience for sustainability.

Thanks Cameron! XX - AEB

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