Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Obsession: Summer CKB

Eternal CKB intern that I am, clearly I'm obsessed with Camilla's blog. Not only does it help me keep tabs on what this adventurous blonde is up to, but she also gives great tips for a wide variety of activities (how to turn a summer dinner party into a twister extravaganza? mix a beachcomber? cook for a race boat team? design a print?). Always entertaining. C.K. Bradley distinguishes itself by always staying true to a fun-loving mantra that reminds us not to take fashion too seriously. While the clothes can outfit you for a casual lunch, or the chicest gala - CKB challenges those to wear her designs to "puddle jump in your party dress, wear your flip flops with your evening gown, take the road less traveled, and look fabulous along the way." 

Here are some pics from Team CKB's SECOND photo shoot aboard Captain Tofia's boat White Wings.  While the first shipment of s/s 2009 is here.... there are is so much to come that I can't WAIT to wear for my own adventures in Nantucket - hostessing at the Pearl, walking Murray, dancing at the Chicken Box, and to a party at the Whaling Museum. 


  1. just imagine what would have happened IF you were in newport for this years White Wings that dress would have flown off and you would have blamed CKB....

  2. bahahah welllllll it would have been well worth the jump!


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