Sunday, February 28, 2010


That is Roberta Roller Rabbit...

With a best friend living on 72nd and a job on 74th street in NYC, I definitely got to know the neighborhood - and lucky for me because there were (are) so many treasures for me to find. There was William Poll, who would bring us yummy treats almost everyday (including an unparalleled guacamole), Payard for lunch and French treats, a fabulous vintage jewelry store right around the corner from us at CKB, Stubbs and Wooten right across the street, anddd a little store called Roberta Roller Rabbit.

Designed by Roberta Freyman, Roberta Roller Rabbit is named "for a fable Roberta found on discarded fabric in India telling the tale of Roberta Roller Rabbit. The hand block printed collection began in 2003 as a small line of colorful block printed beach tunics for mother and daughter. Today Roberta Roller Rabbit is best described as a lifestyle brand, having evolved into a cornucopia of products including women's children's, and men's apparel; home furnishings, upholstered and hand painted furniture, and much more to come!"

Check out her goods. Roberta also has a blog which gives a lot of details about her awesome travels to India. VERY jealous. Oh and her tunics... perfect for Nantucket, Antigua, anddd St. Barth.

Did I mention she sells jewelry as well???? I love it.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Chocolate Love

I had to share.... I am a choco-holic to the extreme and these look so yummy andddd cute to give as presies.

Mission: Bike More

One thing I loved about Nantucket (out of the tons!) is that I biked everywhere. I brought my navy TREK to Young's bike store and got all sorted out with a basket and a light... so I could bike more easily home from working at the Boarding House and the Pearl.

I am not going to go on and list all of the environmental reasons for biking, or how good it feels not to rely on getting places by car... but I will say - (especially now in St. Maarten where I have to take a BUS places) - is that I LOVE being able to bike around.

In Nantucket, my favorite place to bike to was Sconset Market. SUCH a rewarding mission. They have ice cream... and muffins.... and if you want to press on just a little further you can go visit our favorite lighthouse (Sankaty!).

SANKATY HEAD, Siasconset

Nantucket Bike Basket

Friday, February 26, 2010

Band of Outsiders

I love photo shoots where you can tell that everyone is having a lot of FUN. I think that was a mentality that I picked up from working with Camilla at CKB. (Have you checked out her blog lately?????? She should start selling ski onesies... I would buy)

Being around so many yachts lately (tough I know...) I am loving this shoot by Band of Outsiders. Did you recognize Leslie Mann from Knocked Up? She is such a babe.

The designers have a BLOG as well which is fun to carouse. They also have tons of links to other great fashion/music/art sites.

Zebras on the Wall

It seems like I was not the only one who was inspired by the wallpaper in the Kate Spade blog article yesterday by Habitually Chic. The authors post today was all about "THAT wallpaper."

I LOVE IT. And I love the story behind it. So, inspired by Habitually Chic, I thought I would share. (PS. in case you are not following this blog - I highly suggest it!!! It is such a good daily read, I have it emailed to me)

"Gino Ciciello, who although born in Buenes Aires had an Italian father who worked as a chef so after he immigrated to the United States, Gino decided to open an Italian restaurant at 780 Lexington Avenue in New York with two of his friends. According to The New York Times, 'Mr. Circiello was a hunter without the means to pay for an African safari, but he reasoned that he could at least afford zebras on his wallpaper.' He commissioned his friend friend Franco Scalamandre to design wallpaper depicting leaping zebras pursued by arrows. The wallpaper is now synonymous with Gino's and made the place a New York institution."

The best part of the story of Gino's is that Mr. Ciciello's restaurant was a huge success and he was finally able to afford that trip to Africa.

If its cool enough for Margot Tenenbaum....

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Oh Kate II

I could write an entire blog just about Kate Moss. I am ALWAYS finding new things that I love that she has worn, or new photo shoots featuring her that inspire my photography and style.

Might have to pick this new Harpar's Bazaar up in St. Maarten... even though I have a subscription waiting for me in Princeton.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

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