Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Equine Elegance

As I have mentioned before, I am drawn to classic elements of fashion, and anything you would wear on horseback pretty much fits into this category. While flipping through an old summer Tatler mag, I saw this picture of Grace Kelly shot in Central Park (1956). She was described in this photo as being "the epitome of equine elegance." Inspiring yes, but besides the chicness of it all, the look is also practical, and one that I embrace for much of my fall wear - as it can take you from a day of apple picking and hiking in the woods, to a casual dinner with friends in the country, while still not being inappropriate if you do decide to head into the city. Ready for anything..... I like it.  


  1. As I rider, I get giddy when I see ads in magazines featuring equestrian chic. Great post!

  2. SO Jealous!!! I wish I rode more.... Equestrian chic really is my favorite!!!! And for you its MORE than functional for stable to street wear! xo AEB


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