Saturday, November 21, 2009

Style Icon: Chloe Sevigny

When I was an intern at CKB.... (ok fine I still consider myself an eternal CKB intern).... we were encouraged to keep an "inspiration book" to fill with clippings of (obviously!) things that inspire us - from table settings, to fashion campaigns, to recipes, interviews with designers, and current and vintage fashion alike. Well I have since kept up with mine, having found it a fun way to organize the "best of" my magazines. Without realizing it, I have found myself always clipping out Chloe Sevigny's looks. I guess it is because I so love her style and effortless cool and class. Big Love is pretty good as well.....

She says "I'm just this girl from Connecticut, very plain looking." Well, many of us would beg to differ as to the the style and beauty of Indie darling and Oscar nominee Chloe Sevigny.

The actress is quoted on "My personal style is very eclectic. I have a base of preppy conservatism, but I try, while I'm still young enough for it to be appropriate, to be a little sexy."

With an androgynous look herself, Chloe has perfected the ability to steal looks from the menswear department, especially preferring the boyfriend blazer. I am most envious of her closet..... But what was she like as a babysitter? We will have to ask B.C.

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  1. I assume you saw her in Whit (Metropolitan director) Stillman's Last Days of Disco with Kate Beckinsale? She plays a preppy named Alice. Great movie.


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