Thursday, November 26, 2009

Time Piece

I was SO sad last year in Montreal when I went to see GirlTalk with some SLU friends and lost my dive watch. Regardless of the fact that the face of the watch was as thick as my wrist, I would wear my ScubaPro Xtender dive computer with everything - from cocktail dresses, to cheerleading outfits, to the gym and of course while I was diving. I love talking about scuba diving, and with that statement piece on my wrist, it brought up more conversations that the average cocktail ring.

As you can tell, the scuba watch was VERY missed.... I thought about getting this Timex from the men's collection at J.Crew....

But it would not be as functional as I would need it to be underwater... So this bright blue Sunto is my newest purchase. Point is - I love men's watches... and when they double as a diving computer - EVEN BETTER.

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