Sunday, November 15, 2009

Mesi Jilly Obession

Every since I first spied a Mesi Jilly ring in Elle magazine it was love... and I STILL have yet to have one of these fabulous pieces in my collection. Mesi Jilly is a collection of shell-based rings that combine semi-precious stones, mother-of-pearl and coral with gold or silver. Each ring is one of a kind and a veritable work of art. 

The artist speaks of her inspiration: 
"I absolutely love the ocean and to spend time at the beach. I am fascinated by seashells and making jewelry has always been my dream. That's why I wanted to combine these interests and create something unique, something very special, something that will be a beautiful reminder of warm and fun-filled summer days and nights." - Mesi Jilly. 

Find her designs on the site VIVRE


  1. Tell me about it!!!! Thats why I CANNOT let it go. I must find a way to have one of these on my finger as soon as possible.... haha!

    xoxo AEB


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