Thursday, November 12, 2009

Patagucci - IN VOGUE

Though I am sitting here waitingggg to devour the December fashion mags that should be arriving at my house, I will take a moment to chat about an interesting segment of November Vogue

First off, I am not unique in loving Patagonia. There are only so many brands you can wear to sleep, to the gym, with a cocktail dress, to prep school, skiing, scuba diving aaaand to a bar..... In fact, I will own up to the fact, that I like the brand so much, that during my freshman year at St. Lawrence, my best friend SLL and I started a facebook group protesting the removal of the authentic patagonia patch in favor of some kind of less obnoxious embroidery. Yes, I am guilty of that. But I do loooove collecting fleeces (check e-bay for some great vintage finds....) - and the brand does a lot of good as well so I feel that my dollars are well spent. 

While I have poured over Patagonia catalogs in wander-lust to be that girl carrying a surfboard in Costa Rica or white-water rafting in Chile, I have also read a lot about some of Patagonia's environmental efforts, but here are some more things that I learned from Vogue. Patagonia encompasses initiates on both the local and global level. Since 1985, they give 1% of all sales to its planet friendly non-profits. They also co-founded an alliance to protect wetlands and biodiversity. 

There is TONS more great information about awesome things they are doing on their website..... But back to the Vogue article to highlight the "fashion steal" element, Damien Huang (the company's VP of design/merchandising) was quoted in the article saying "we don't want anyone to feel like they have taken a step backward in fashion. Part of feeling empowered when your outdoors is to look good." 

Commenting on Carolyn Murphy's look in the spread donning a Patagonia jacket, backpack, shorts, and hiking boots, the writer of the article tells readers to "swap the shorts for leggings, and the hiking boots for rugged treadsole heels, and this jacket could assail any city block in style." 

Its fun to see Patagonia in Vogue, especially with the recommendation to wear our Patagucci like we have been wearing it since prep school.... Whelp, I am glad that I was on top of that trend. 


  1. if Patagonia makes it, I need it!



  2. I am a Patagonia die hard and love finding the vintage pieces on e-bay!

  3. My best friend has a florescent pink one that I am just OBSESSED with. I steal it all the time. Wish I could find it in a vest though.

    Thanks for reading!!!

  4. hi! do you know what was the exact type/name of the Patagonia jacket that Carolyn Murply had on in the magazine? i want to get it! thanks!


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