Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Guest Post: Ethical Sunglasses Roundup, Cameron Bruns

Stylish Ethical Sunglasses

Since Tom’s launched their “one-for-one” eyewear line, ethical shades have been all the rage. Now it’s easier than ever for do-gooders to look as chic as Jackie O. Whether you’re ready to splurge, or just need to grab a backup pair of sunglasses, there is an eco-savvy and socially responsible option to fit your needs. Here are my favorite 5:


TOM’S Sandela in Tortoise, White, and Light Blue. $119. One-For-One. [For every pair purchased, Tom’s donates a pair of prescription glasses, eye surgery, or medical treatment to someone in need]


The Hollywood by Humps… Clear with mirrored lenses. $29.69. One-For-One [For every pair purchased, a pair of prescription glasses is donated to someone in need]


112 by Eco Optics in gold. $160. Made with 95% recycled materials.


Canby by Schwood. Handcrafted in the U.S. by sustainably harvested wood. $135. Schwood also makes a line of sunglasses from old skateboards!


Love Thy Neighbor by Westward\\Leaning. Black with inlayed chaquira beads. $275. For every pair purchased, a donation is made to Love Thy Neighbor Mexico, a nonprofit whose mission is to educate Americans about violence in Mexico caused by the U.S.’s demand for illicit drugs.

Cameron Bruns is the founder of Boston Green Blog and a contributor to Merida Meridian, the premier source for distinctively designed natural rugs with a conscience for sustainability.

Thanks Cameron! XX - AEB


  1. The sun’s ultraviolet rays are most damaging between 10am and 2pm. Even under overcast skies, we should protect our eyes, as the rays of the sun do pass through clouds. And when under a shade, we should still wear sunglasses, because UV rays are reflected by sand and water.

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  2. These sunglasses are all amazing a beautiful; I would go for the third pair if I could find it all black. Sunglasses are so hard to decide on, there are so many types and models, and still so few ones that fit the outfits the face-shape, and so on.

    PhD by Publication

  3. I love the third glasses having a thin frame and the brown color. But the price is not competitive for my budget.

    Helen@certification TESOL


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