Monday, September 28, 2009

Call Me an Anglophiliac

In thinking of what I am currently lusting for in terms of new fall wardrobe additions, I suppose it is of the same strain of the sort of apparel that one would encounter on a romp in the English countryside. Not surprisingly, as I just stocked up on TONS of British mags on my recent jaunt to East Sussex for a cousin's wedding.

I finally got to really practice using the camera that my parents gave me for my "keep up the hard work your not graduated yet" present. I loved taking pictures of my cousins running around in the garden. 


  1. seriously gorgie- you must have had quite the time!



  2. it was SO fun! I had to race back to Nantucket though, so i was only there for 4 days!!!!!! cant wait to go back and raid Top Shop..... again.


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