Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Top Knots + Red Lips

While pouring over my newest British Vogue (with Sienna..... not that I am obsessed or anything...) -  one article that caught my attention was about the easy chic of the Parisian woman. 

This is not a new subject of editorial conversation. Fashion writers like to capitalize on the stereotype of the French woman - a creature who is always fabulously (but effortlessly!) beautiful and chic. 

According to my British Vogue - one trick of the trade lies in the transformative power of bright red lipstick. The latest entry on Fashion Gone Rogue seems to emphasize this point, which is currently also very fashion forward - as top knots and rogue lips were all over the runways during fall fashion week. 

I especially love this photo spread because the light and beach scenes remind me Nantucket in the fall. It is soooo beautiful right now, I am planning on biking around the island tomorrow and capturing it on my digital camera. 

"Morning Beauty" -- model: Iekeliene Stange , photographer: Marcus Ohlsson.

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