Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Now that I am a Dive Master

...maybe i will treat myself to a little scuba-inspired (and highly functional) reward, like these little numbers by Lisa Marie Fernandez.

Lisa says her clothes are "better when wet." Previously a NYC fashion stylist, LMF was inspired by the "sleek athleticism of scuba gear. The suits are crafted from a luxe version of neoprene, never before used in swim. The innovative fabric is made to perform, molding to the body whether creating curves or supporting them. They are made to stand the tests of time... just like my wetsuit!

According to LMF.... "The collection takes its cues from the bold, color-blocked suits of the eighties but the look is totally modern. With their chunky zips and taut silhouettes, there's a strong sexiness to them that's bonafide Bond girl. But the clean design of the various styles subtly adapts to each wearer's individual aesthetic, from sunbather to surfer. LMF bikinis can be directional, sporty, sophisticated and glamorous. The modular collection has various colors and styles that are made to endlessly coordinate. A selection of core classics will be offered every season. Collect one every holiday to mix and match for a new look every time."


  1. The dresses would look amazing paired with a some peep toe booties!!

  2. love the strapless zip up bikini!


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