Thursday, January 7, 2010

L'lle de France

L'lle de France is a French General Store in Nantucket. I am very sad that while I was there, I merely walked by and admired the wares displayed in the windows. However, learning more about the store for my CK Bradley guide to Nantucket for Peek-a-boo - I cannot wait to get back on India Street to scoop of some of these treasures.

Porcelain plates that play with the idea "he loves me, he loves me not.... He loves me!"

Door Plaques

Nature Posters - showing the stores "dedication and appreciation of nature"


  1. J'adore L'lle de France, C'est tres tres magnifique!!

  2. i agreeeee!!!!! i wish i could go provisioning there now..... then pop over to Nantucket Gourmet for a sandwich. ha! xoxox AEB


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