Sunday, May 2, 2010

Vegan Freak

... that was the name of the book that one of my college professors wrote about Veganism.

Not that I am a vegan (no to meat, yes to fish!) - but the vegan restaurant Candle Cafe, is one of my favorites in the U.E.S. of nyc. I love eating consciously, for the environment, for animals, and for health - and this gem of a restaurant caters to all of the above. Their mission statement reads as follows:

"Candle Cafe is dedicated to bettering the health of the individual and the planet by serving food fresh from farm to table. Our organic vegan cuisine is rooted in sustainability, eco-friendly practices, local farming, and compassion for animals."

Candle Cafe is on 3rd avenue, between 74 and 75
... and the cookbook - yes please!

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