Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Assad Mounser Jewelry

So one of the websites that I check almost daily is Elle.com, which is now highlighting an awesome jewelry line called Assad Mounser as part of their "covetable fall jewelry."

The designer (based in NYC) named her 2010 Spring collection "Space Oddity," after the David Bowie song. The flamboyant glam rock culture was a major influence on the collection's aesthetic. Details are meant to capture the freedom of the era, while focusing on a futuristic, other worldly and modern look.

According to the designer's bio, for the spring collection "materials such as agate slices, amethyst chunks, and bold - almost neon polished stones are combined with silver, punk rock spikes, as well as layers of chain and crystal to bring forth a sillouette that feels like the prize possession of a space warrior."

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