Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Queen of Kaftans

... thats what Allegra Hicks is known for.... and after carousing Calypso, her designs are fresh on my lust list.

The daughter of David Hicks, and sister to India, Allegra's life was undoubtedly flooded with creativity and bohemian chic nonchalance. The biography on the designer on her site tells of how she grew up in Turin, and went on to study design in Milan, and Fine Art in Brussels before moving to New York.

"Allegra uses a unique print vocabulary and applies this to all her collections: fashion, home and interior. her style can be described as timelessly elegant, sophisticated, organic, eclectic, often with a vintage feel. Her unique elegance and style has drawn a lot of attention and has been featured in all the top Fashion and Lifestyle magazines around the world."

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