Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Yoga Inspiration

Whenever I relocate, I always face the challenge of having to rework my routines. I have to find a new favorite place to buy my favorite foods, befriend new baristas to mix up my daily fix of vanilla soy latte, and also plan a new daily workout to adapt to the new surroundings. Away from Princeton Fitness & Wellness, (where I would go to watch Food Network while biking or elipticaling, and then relax in the sauna on a daily basis) getting myself to workout is more difficult.I have discovered that yoga the best fit for working out, relaxing, and adopting a new place as mine.

My favorite Yogi is Christy Turlington. She has done so much to promote the benefits of yoga without turning people off by new-age philosophy.

PS - An easy way to yoga on-the-go is via online sites like this one:

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