Sunday, March 7, 2010

10 Ways to Spot a Gypsetter

(from Julia Chaplin's blog)
1. Hangs out in places that are hard to reach: preferably more than three hours from a major airport; down dirt roads.

2. Mansions or villas are okay if they belong to someone else or are seriously run down.

3. Never wears clothes with visible logos

4. Montauk not East Hampton, Ibiza not Capri, Venice Beach not Santa Monica etc.

5. Doesn't mind falling asleep with salty hair

6. Drinks Aguardiente not Cristal

7. Likes Neil Young's "After the Gold Rush"

8 Doesn't ask your last name or say "so, what do you do?"

9. Surfs/snowboards; if plays golf it's on a natural green in Scotland not a desert resort in Mexico

10. G5's Bad. Cesna's Good.

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