Sunday, June 14, 2009

Cousteau: the next generation

No doubt I am obsessed with all things marine... and when I re-read the May issue of Vogue featuring Drew Barrymore, I was very, very envious of the awesome adventures of Alexandra Cousteau and her siblings Philipe and Jean-Michel (in case you didn't know - their grandfather was Jacques Cousteau, who pioneered scuba diving with his invention of the Aqua Lung, and made a huge impression in the field of marine biology through his dynamic persona and the explorations on his famous boat called Calypso

Jean-Michel, Fabien and Céline Cousteau

Perhaps my most perfectly fitting career would be to work for the non-profit organization Oceana. Oceana works on several campaigns that focus exclusively on the health of the world's oceans, including protecting coral reefs, fighting shark finning, keeping fisheries sustainable and safe, putting a halt to the illegal dumping of oil, and a plethora of other issues that are threatening our most vital resource on earth: the ocean. 

Jacques pronounced that "mankind has probably done more damage to the earth in the twentieth century than in all of previous human history." Today this statement is truer than ever, and as stated in the Elle reader profile highlighting the Jacques' grandchildren, "What better time could there be for a new generation of Cousteaus, all adventurous, enterprising, and ocean-going, to dive into the void and save the seas!" Oceana - count me in. 


  1. Nautica is paired up with Oceana! Thats why I got to do such awesome things last summer like clean up the Hudson!



  2. Hey Arianne! I just love your blog! Anyway, I recently read something about the Cousteau family in Coastal Living. I'm not sure which issue, but I'm pretty sure the grand-daughter was interviewed!


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