Friday, June 12, 2009

Tipsy In

Ok so clearly, clearrlyyy we are not living under a rock, and I fully admit how the title of this blog was completely stolen from the fantastic book TIPSY IN MADRAS. Tipsy in Madras is an unofficial spin-off of The Official Preppy Handbook. Why is it that the people that buy this book, are the subjects of the book..... while the people that should really be utilizing such "handbook" have no idea of its existence and are utterly confused by the contents, not knowing whether to take such book as literal guide for preps or not - as was demonstrated in my dear friend Samantha Levitan's summer class at NYU. When my favorite upper east-side blonde referenced the book in her fashion class, the entire room of hipster and trendster wannabes looked at her as though she was out of her mind. 

My words to Samantha: don't worry... its not their fault they can't open up a used O.P.H. to find a handwritten note from St. Lawrence student to another, read by yet another 20 years later. Love you! 

Not only does Tipsy in Madras offer the perfectly mixed guide to cocktails for all appropriate occasions.... there is also some sweet playlists to accompany said occasion. For this mermaid in madras (you know im kidding when i say mermaid rightttt???? ok not really... lets be honest) ... these are my current summer songs for the beirut table building, salmon grilling, and backyard beer drinking that is going on at Polliwog Pond. 

Part Time Lover - Stevie Wonder 
Golden Brown - The Stranglers
Glass of Water - Coldplay 
Bette Davis Eyes - Kim Carnes
Tempted - The Squeeze
Age of Consent - New Order 
Love You Madly - Cake 
Super Stylin' - Groove Armada 
Invisible Touch - Phil Collins 
Kelly - Van She 
Knocked Up - Kings of Leon 

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  1. you kidding with that playlist? my maid honora listens to that shit on her walkman while she polishes my ferragamos every morning as i suck down a protein shake and skim the fi-times. the last time i had grilled salmon was when i was doing pro bono work in wichita and my jet got snowed in...beatz signin out


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