Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Who What Wear Brilliance

While some Who What Wear's are neglected on my blackberry, sometimes they have a hit worthy of revisiting. I especially like #6 - the Bow Dress from Foley + Corinna. This is what WWW.com has to say about it. 
6. Foley + Corinna Bow Dress ($297) 
Surely you've got loads of weddings or cocktail parties to attend this summer, so why not show up in a stunner of a frock? The strapless sateen Bow Dress from Foley + Corinna is the perfect option, as its chic enough to be a prĂȘt-a-porter piece, but is available at an attainable price. Plus it has that Elbaz elegance—always a desirable thing. 

Another great WWW flashback. 

Line We Love

Why don't I buy more RL? Clearly this was the inspiration for my jodhpur lust, and I really feel like a lot of the pieces from the summer collection are not only perfect for nantucket, but good closet investments that would easily incorporate into my daily wardrobe. 

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