Friday, August 21, 2009

Calling Cards

In Factory Girl (one of my favs, in case that wasn't clear), Edie describes her cohort Chuck upon their arrival in NYC saying "he was flamboyant socialite who carried a pocketful of calling cards." 

With the age of crackberries and iPhone apps, exchanged contacts are infrequently scrawled on matchbooks and cocktail napkins, and what a shame this is, as calling cards are not only much more personal, but also much less likely forgotten in the fervently collected but frequently ignored list of phone numbers we hastily digitize. 

In my latest I-need-new-stationery jaunt, I came across this colorful and fabulon website IOMOI, that makes me think calling cards are a new necessity. 
coakley cay pattern pink and orangemuffie the zebra-red palm pattern

chinoise vase pattern greenMustique Pattern Navy

Ling the Elephant

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