Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Style Icon: Your Grandmother

Samantha Levitan (one of my dearest friends and cohorts), wrote an article recently about wearing a pair of boots that belonged to her equally stylish Manhattanite mother Carolyn. For S.L.L., tromping around NYC wearing the once-loved boots of her mother was more sentimental than most of her fashion statements. In the article, Samantha explained that stepping into her mother's shoes meant learning lessons from her mother's life, but also trekking forward in her own direction. She was walking through her life's adventures as her mother's daughter, but on a path all her own. 

I grew up admiring the way my grandmother "Skippy" dressed. In my childhood visits up to CT, I loved to watch her get ready for an evening out, and vividly remember how she would kiss me goodnight, as I drifted off to sleep as the trace of her Tresor perfume lingered in my bedroom. 

Now that I am the one going out at night with friends, as I dress up in my grandmother's favorite things, it feels somehow emblematic of how I have grown up. My mother now watches me get ready, saying goodbye as I whisk out the door, leaving my own trail of Coco Mademoiselle. 

Looking at the elder females in our families, not only should we take note of timeless styles to incorporate into our personal wardrobe, but also look to how these women are dressing their bodies as a forecast for the future of our own physique and the challenges and blessings it will bring. 

Here is a look at my first style icon. 

3 Generations of Laidlaw women 

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