Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Mission: Explorerers Club NYC

With the glitz and excitement surrounding Vogue's SEPTEMBER ISSUE, its funny that I can't help thinking about the August issue. One article, and one woman in particular remain fresh in my thoughts. The article: Adventures in Wonderland, and the woman, Anne Doubilet. Written by Eve MacSweeney, Anne's lifestyle is described as containing the je ne sais quoi that allows her to capture the essence (and some of the physical benefits) of youth, thus pertaining to the grander scheme of this month's theme of the "Age Issue."

Reading about Doubilet's initial fascination with diving with made me realize the similarities in our first descents and the shared delight we both felt in the discovery of a secret world, with the blissful escape from the terrestrial one. In Doubilet's own words, "it was when I took my first open-water dive in the Bahamas at a barrier reef off Andros Island when I had my first Alice in Wonderland moment. I stepped off the side of the boat into crystallize turquoise and entered an enchanted realm."

While Doubliet's career and stamina are enviable, as is her active membership in The Explorers Club, where she "recently chaired a forum to bring experts together to discus the crisis in the oceans: the world's coral reefs in major decline; the seas overfished; global warming affecting the food chain; a gyre of plastic twice the size of Texas swirling in the Pacific; seals and whales getting cancers from toxic chemicals - among several other grim facts."

Doubilet is a woman who, in discussing her career, says "I never lose my sense of wonder and curiosity." The perfect candidate for the Explorers Club which Vogue's MacSweeney describes as looking like Jordan College in The Golden Compass. The building on East Seventieth Street is a gathering for scientists and explorers alike who share in the eternal quest to discover, explore, and learn.

Explorers Club - I want in.

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