Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Classics

Classic movies, cars, books, sailboats, and female icons... are all part of an undisrupted style that has transcended from an earlier era, which I clearly love. While movies, books, and the characters (both fictional and true) are easily adored, as are cars and boats for the moment... For everything fashion related - a classic style means one thing: guilt-free purchase. 

The Great Gatsby by IceCreamAddict.

The perfectly tailored navy Jaeger blazer of my grandmother's will always have a place in my wardrobe, as will the the 1. 2. 3. 4......... things on my lust list, all of which are purchases justified by the same principle. In today's economy (arghh.....) some styles just are not worth the risk of the becoming and unbecoming of fads (not that I ever feel persuaded - no ankle boots here). 

Part of my eternal intern #1 devotion to C.K. Bradley is due to the acknowledgment of her designs that give a nod to the kind of girl who does not fall victim to trends. This type of girl has her own signature style that seeks a continuous flow that develops as she does, without the regrets (or as many of them) as the trendster might experience whilst reading Harper's Bazaar's monthly Buy, Store, Keep section. 

As for right now in Nantucket, Ralph Lauren is my favorite impulse purchase go-to store. I can always find something in R.L. that I can wear now, in ten years, and (granted I take care of said purchase) - pass on to someone with a similar appreciation. It is no surprise that R.L. finds inspiration in such classics such as My Fair Lady and The Great Gatsby for his designs.
Ralph Lauren Spring 2008 Ready-to-Wear
Ralph Lauren Spring 2008 Ready-to-Wear
Some of Lauren's main themes such as haberdashery, Anglophilia, and all things equestrian are thoroughly ingrained in what has become classic American style. While such terms are applicable to both women's and men's fashion, R.L. capitalizes on the foundation created by designers before him. Oleg Cassini, one of such innovative designers, understood the importance of a classic silhouette and the appeal of such a design to the women whose bodies he clothed. 

Inaugural ball gown by Oleg Cassini

As Jackie O demonstrated frequently throughout her White House years, Oleg Cassini's understanding of proportion, line, and shape helped established Jackie's position as the icon she is today to millions of women who style themselves in an effort to emulate her grace, charm, and beauty. Not surprisingly, another amazing designer (Givenchy), inspired by a lithe and chipper young actress, helped to catapult her icon status to a magnitude that to increase as girls grow up and find the transformative power of a LBD, big black sunglasses, and pearls to such an extent it has become a kind of cliche. 

audrey hepburn.jpg

And as for those great Ralph Lauren hats as pictured at the top.... the September wedding in London mother!!! I need one for that... and it will be in style forever. Impulse purchase justified. 

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