Friday, April 30, 2010

Love in the Afternoon

I love hearing the stories and explanations behind people's names.
I get a lot of comments about having an unusual name... I am called a million things other than Arianne - Maryanne, Adriana, Arianna etc etc etc.

I used to loath my name because no one would say it the way that I prefer it to be said. I still have issues with the general pronunciation, but I do like the story behind my name, as I was named after Audrey Hepburn's character in the film Love in the Afternoon - about a french girl named Ariane - who falls in love with an American playboy in Paris.

1 comment:

  1. Ah, I know how you feel. My real name is Tashina. My mom picked it from a native american movie about a princess who dies in the first 4 mins of the movie, lol. For reasons semi-obvious I go by Sheena lol.


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