Monday, April 26, 2010


I already have a pretty big scarf collection (thanks in part to raiding my mother's closet!) but these how-to's from Hermes make me want to kick it up a notch in terms of my scarf-wearing creativity.

I always love J. McLaughlin's scarves and scarf tops. I have one in a navy blue with marine creatures on it - (and ps - I can identify the fish for you if you ask me to!). CCS was caught by once in her scarf top -

I also have a stash of CKB Mallory Scarves that are perfect for nights out and about.

Here is some WhoWhatWear daily inspiration as well... If you are not reading their emails - get on it!


  1. Gorgeous! I always mean to get around to wearing scarves.. but somehow forget, or shy away from it. How nice it would be! You've given a great suggestion here! - Think RayBan is making Grace's sunglasses yet?

  2. thanks love! if rayban was making, i would be buying!


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