Thursday, April 29, 2010

Gearing Up

On my list to hit up: Calypso, J.Crew, CK Bradley and Stubbs and Wootton

Calypso always has a stash of "goddess dresses" and fun easy shifts to throw on and still look glam after beaching for the entire day.

CKB has always been my favorite go-to summer outfitter - for obvious reasons, but she keeps churning out new favs. I also love that her clothes are super durable, and endure through my party-dress clad bike rides, and sunny day dogwalking.
Perfect for cobble-stone streets... I might be obsessed with these espadrilles from Stubbs and Wootton.


  1. I was watching High Society (Tinsley Mortimer's reality show) last week and one of the guys in the show goes into a Stubbs & Wooten store...any-who, it got me really in the mood for them again...

  2. Just found you by way of Starfish and Sundresses. Love the blog!!!


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