Friday, April 23, 2010


I have an obsession with my Kate Spade planner. In fact, I rely on it so much - that I refer to it as my "life book." But after a season (!!!) in the Caribbean, it is looking a little weary - so I am contemplating a replacement, especially as summer so far is looking pretty busy. I am so excited to be going back to Nantucket soon, to work at the Pearl/Boarding House and help plan some great summer parties. New planner purchase justified!

This one by Dabney Lee is super cute, and you can have it personalized...

But maybe something a little more durable?? The next mission is new stationery.


  1. I too love my KS planner! The Dabney Lee is very cute too, love that you can customize it with your monogram initial. Thanks for sharing, I was not familiar with that company before. Oh! And the LV planner is awesome!! :)

  2. You will loveee dabney lee... they have such cute stuff!! Iomoi I love as well in case you have not heard of it!! xoo AEB

  3. Literally your life book... Loving the beach editorial XOXXXX amc


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