Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Read It: A Change in Altitude

Goodbye Atheneum!! Now that I have left Nantucket, I have to find a new favorite library. There is something about walking into the austerity of a library that I love, and the Atheneum always provided the perfect ambiance.

Now that I am in Newport, I will have to find a new place to provide my literature stash. The new ELLE magazine is here, but mine was delivered to Princeton and in an attempt of frugality, I successfully avoided buying all the new November issues of Magazines at the Hub as a I usually do. 

The latest book that I want to search for is called A Change in Altitude, by Anita Shreve. Here is a reader review given on Elle.com

"A Change in Altitude tells the story of Americans in 1970s Kenya, where their lives are forever altered by an accident during a mountain climb. Having only been married five months, Margaret and Patrick struggle with their relationship and the far-reaching consequences of their actions on that tragic day. Shreve is a master at capturing the essence of her characters, showing their frailties through subtle nuances while still keeping them utterly likeable and relatable. Shreve beautifully portrays the strange and striking culture of Kenya, a perfect setting for the couple to find out whether they can indeed survive the better and the worse of matrimony." 


  1. In Newport check out the public library on spring street I spent a good few years getting all my fav reads there. Its no Atheneum but if you are looking for a little style and history while you select you latest venture you must see the redwood library (Conveniently located about three doors down from CKB) it is the oldest lending library in the country and they have done an amazing job on the recent renovations.

  2. thanks!!!! I cant wait to go exploring


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