Thursday, October 22, 2009

Blog Stalking: The Sugar Buzz

The Sugar Buzz was the first blog that I found myself looking at on a regular basiBolds. Heidi Brueggeman (writer of said blog) designs beautiful jewelry that is not out of reach for an impulse purchase. You can find some of her creations at the CKB store in Newport! 

While carousing her blog the other day I came across a site that she mentioned called 1st Dibs. The byline of the site is "the most beautiful things on earth." Lets just say the highlight is lots of fabulous jewelry that I know Heidi (and now me) dream about. 

I read once that Christian Dior's muse Mitzi Gaynor required all of her suitors to bring her jewelry in lieu of flowers. I like that idea... boyfriends take note! Oh and my new favorite designer on 1st Dibs is Tony Duquette.


  1. love love love that first ring!


  2. Thanks for the shout out, Love! I really enjoy your well-read perspective of all things style and fabulousness. xxo


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