Thursday, October 29, 2009

Inspired By: The Wizard of Oz

Life inspires art, which inspires life..... and my closet! When I was in London, I saw one of my favorite musicals - WICKED. One of the items on my lust list is bright sparkly ruby slippers... and who makes them better than Louboutin? I could make a very good modern-day Dorothy for Halloween. 

Oh and if the soundtrack to WICKED is not on your i-pod - it should be. The girls at CKB  know its on mine!!!! 


  1. I've always wanted to see Wicked and I'd have to wear those shoes! xoxo


  2. you must!!! its electrifying. im so guilty of singing the soundtrack all the time in the car!!


  3. I almostttt impulse purchased them at Neiman Marcus in Boston....... Kind of regretting that i didnt!!! Maybe next H-ween!!!! xoxo


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