Saturday, October 31, 2009

Spotlight On: Bella Foster

I just got home from Boston (so fun! thanks for the shopping tips!!!!!!) - and was going through my email, when I came across something from Kate Spade. I am always popping into the KS in Princeton to see what they have in the shop. I love the vintage books on display, as well as their papery and shoes!!! My eye glasses (which I SORELY missed having for my drive in the Bandit/Tahoe around Boston!!!) are always from KS, as is my filofax which I lovingly refer to as my "life book." 

For the 2010 agenda, KS is going to be using illustrations by Brooklyn artist Bella Foster. Her watercolors are spirited and beautiful with a touch of whimsy. I think giving a piece of artwork to someone is such a personal gift - and I can't wait for a special occasion to do so. 

Check out to have a look at some other artist's and their portfolios. 

Oh and Happy Halloween!!!! I wish we got Trick-Or-Treaters at my house..... 


  1. I love Kate Spade's calendars and purchase one every year. I just bought both the wall calendar and the desk calendars because I loved the illustrations.

  2. I will definitely be purchasing a wall and desk calendar so I can frame some of the images later!

  3. i think im going to give my mother one for christmas! it will look great in her office. xo AEB


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