Monday, October 5, 2009

Closet Envy

It is finally and more than officially FALL. Currently, I am enjoying my last (!!) week on Nantucket, but if I was in Princeton, I would have to face the challenge of organizing my closet. Due to the fact that my house was built in 1775, my bedroom closet is laughably and insultingly tiny. I have even thought about putting rolling racks in my room and just turning it into one big dressing room. To deal with the size constrictions, in order to making dressing as fun as I want it to be, I have to go through everything in my closet at least every month and prioritize. Seasonally, this will include pushing my C.K. Bradley summer frocks to the sides, and my cashmere and cords to the most accessible middle section (until I head to St. Barths.....). 

Until I move into my own lair, I can only dream of the perfect dressing room. I have already stashed away (fashion rag queen that I am) LOTS of clippings of other people's dressing rooms to serve as inspiration when I can finally design my own. On my list of dressing room design must-haves: a floor to ceiling mirror, cheetah print rug, a big bath in the middle, and lots of shelves for cowboy boots and costumes. 

Here are some images (scanned from Elle magazine) from one of my new favorite fashion blogs MoodBoard. Now I not only love Temperley's sense of fashion, but also her fabulous dressing room! 

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